Santa Maria Volcano, Guatemala

By: Rebecca Nugent

  • Latitude: 14.76
  • Longitude: -91.55
  • Elevation (m): 3772
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Type: Stratovolcano
  • eruptions: 1902 (catastrophic Plinian eruption), 1903, 1922 (from SW flank: Santiaguito), 2002-ongoing

Information on the Volcano!

Symmetrical, forest-covered Santa MarĂ­a volcano is one of the most prominent of a chain of large stratovolcanoes that rises dramatically above the Pacific coastal plain of Guatemala. Santa Maria erupted catastrophically in 1902 destroying its former summit. Since then, a complex of new lava domes have been growing inside the scar left by the 1902 eruption. The youngest and still active dome is called Santiaguito. Santa Maria is a popular excursion destination and the summit offers spectacular views onto erupting Santiaguito.

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