Mr. Castle

By :  Sara and Ben Minecraft

Meridith and Steve

Meridith married Steve who gave birth to Gabrielle and Steven.

They have two dogs named Princess and Thunder

Steve is a  soccer and football coach, a relastate with his wife, and a doctor

Meridith is a school teacher, a relastate with her husband, yoga classes, and a girls soccer coach

Gabrielle and Brackster

Gabrielle and Brackster don't have any babies.

Gabrielle and brackster have a dog named Luigi and a cat named Ginger

Brackster is a lawyer

Gabrielle is a gymnastics coach.

Steven and Stacey

Steven and Stacey  have a one month old girl named Lily and a three year old named Rosie.

Steven and Stacey have one dog named Mario

Steven is a beresta and a PA

Stacey is a also a beresta and works at a museum.

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