A Gray Time in Baltimore

By, Christian Cooper

Young African-American and Others Smash Cop Car to Pieces

In the year of 2015, there was many  racial attacks against African-Americans. Meaning that African-Americans were injured and even killed because of the color of their skin. The reason for racism is because your race, whatever it may be, tends to favor your own kind. The racism between whites and blacks dates back to slavery, racism between the two hasn't gone away, it's only gotten less prominent. As you can tell by the picture, many African-Americans use violent means to get their point across.

Riot Shielder's Protect Burning Pharmacy

This event all caught flame when a man named Freddie Gray died on April 19th, 2015. Freddie Gray was taken into custody because of a weapons charge he had. He was arrested and had to be dragged to the police van. When he was being taken to the police station, he requested for medical attention. He was taken out of the van and was unresponsive and later died due to a severe back injury that he supposedly got inside the van. Days later, he died in the hospital and the city of Baltimore goes rabid. From burning cop vehicles, burning pharmacies, breaking and entering into stores, neighborhood shootings, and seven police officers severely injured and one being unconscious. The National Guard put a 10 o clock curfew on an resident in Baltimore which was broken for at least an hour into the night. The protesting is violent and many popular actors and many athletes talk about the ineffectiveness of violent protest. We should lead the protest as if Martin Luther King Jr., peaceful and respectful.

Martin Luther King Protests with Peace
MLK Quote

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