A Southern Country/Rocker That Can Connect to YOU and ME

Brantley Gilbert                        By: Josh Sally


Brantley is a man that knows the importance of nature by what it does for man kind in making some green out of the field(1). In many of his songs he speaks of being out in the wild world.
He speaks freely of how he feels when and he says what he thinks. Also, he will straight up tell you how he feels ,it seems like, about someone(2).
As most males do we think we can do it all. When he thought he had the ability to rely on himself and get out on his own. He tried to leave and have his own freedom(3).
The life of a country folk seems to be everywhere. He has that same idea and confidence that no matter where you go there will always be someone like you. That's why country is country wide(4). He states that "Country Must be Country Wide". What other way is it to say that you believe that there are others across this country just as if not more country than yourself.

Brantley was a night to night performer with his acoustic guitar opening at bars and small gigs for slightly bigger stars(5). After much recognition he formed a band to please his fans and then took them to Nashville. There he signed with Warner Chappell which sent him on to release his debut album in 2009 "Modern Day Prodigal Son".

In the music he sings he goes along the lines of having a good time in many of them and some are teaching lessons. In a song of his called "Halfway to Heaven" he speaks of one night when he was drunk he had friends trying to help him but he refused. He took off driving and wrapped his truck around an oak tree which he sings about in many songs. He thought he was going to be dead but luckily made it out alive. This made him realize that every second is worth it and to "Live it Up".

This man is also one that wont do what others are doing just to do it. He wont be that one to conform to the different lifestyle other than a country boy that lives with what he has.

So this man being one that will connect with his wildlife around him is like Steve Earle. He loved the outdoors and that was his comfort zone along with Brantley's(9).

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This was the first album that he released(7).

This was his second(8).

So, to wrap this great young man up, it is good to know that he influences many of his listeners with his music and lyrics. His songs can either hit the heart, pump you up, or just mellow you out to a good tune. With him being the way he is it makes the ones that follow in his footsteps be good people that are transcendental themselves and live a life like him.

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