Drugs  are mutterers

  Drugs good for you!!!!!!!!?????????
No they are not good for you.
All across the world people smoke because  they think it's not illegal to smoke.
Illegal means you will go to jail if you do it so stay away from illegal things!
when you take drugs when your young or to old your body won't grow in the proper way it's spouse to be. For example your body will grow Crookedly  and even backwards. when People are addicted to drugs you try to stop, the more you smoke the longer.

What is smoking?

smoking are mushrooms that turned into drugs it's because  there is some little illegally

stuff that people use secretly so now it's all over the world so anyone will do anything to

try it even kill there family!


after you start you will get lung cancer, brain cancer,heart attack, and other stuff that can be worse. your lungs will turn black and you are going to feel worse then you'll keep smoking when you feel pain and that's were it become really hard to Quit smoking.  

This is why it's not good to smoke

When people smoker its bad from your body and it will turn out like your heart will become black and crusty and you will have a limited time to live and they can passed out in the worst place or an exiting place to be in. Some people use drugs to trick people into dying. You will get lung  diseases.  It's a type of sickness that you can get. You will get cancer and other diseases. When you smoke nobody's in control of you anymore.

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How can you get addicted

Well you don't even want start because when you start you will feel a pain and have hard times quitting. After the pain comes you'll take another one to make yourself feel better but means you have a less limited time to live.

A limited means you don't or your timed to do something

Why is it not a good idea to smoke

you can cause brain damage , lung disease you can also die if you at least smoke 100 cigarettes you will die

This is what happens when you smoke

instead of living you can quickly die at any time anywhere wicth

what is addiction?

Addiction is a thing that starts when you do something to many times after you will start to do it every day until it because you added that into your life like this boy always complain about something new and this is what i mean

All around the world started to smoke more and more

UNTIL THE END SO DON'T START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for watching p.s DON'T SMOKE!


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