Offutt Air Force Base

Offutt Air Force Base started in 1890 as a landing field at Fort Crook, near Omaha Nebraska. It was changed to Offutt Air Force Base on May 6,1924 in honor of a 1st Lt., Jarvis Offutt.

Offutt Air Force Base was named after Jarvis Offutt because he was the first to die in World War I that was from Nebraska.  He died in an accident while flying his SE-5 fighter.

Offutt Air Force  Base is important to Nebraska because it provides a LOT of jobs.  There are approximately 10,000 military and federals employees assigned there.

The Offutt Air Force Base Gym was built in 1988.  What was once just a large airplane hanger, the Offutt Air Force Base Gym now has a swimming pool, coed saunas, four racquetball courts, two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, and three tennis courts inside instead of housing airplanes.  It also has a soccer field, a four mile running track inside that goes around the whole gym, crossfit, combatives, boxing, TRX, rock climbing wall, and a play area for kids.  The Offutt Air Force Base Gym also has balls you can rent for the day.

There is a farming field at the end of the runway at Ouffutt AFB.  When airplanes fly into Nebraska, the pilots see this message that says,THANK YOU! FOR FREEDOM!

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