Spring style is bright and airy

Dear Deep Cove: This spring is blossoming to be a festive season of colours and prints. The look is bright and airy with many bold images. Black does not have to be an option - put those pieces aside for now.

Colours are trendy this season. They are soft and vibrant. The lights include sorbet pastel shades of buttercream, mint, yellow, pink, blue and lilac. There is also the other side of the spectrum with these colours. Teal, purple and navy are bold and vibrant. Yellow, pink and lilac are popular in both pastel and bold shades. They are not meant to look feminine. They are sharp colours with a modern edge.

Another trend in colours is the island look. This trend can be worn in city and work environments. It can be a casual look, but is also professional and formal. Green and scarlet tones with natural shades that suggest water, sky, shells, sunlight and sand, create an urban look. This look is not romantic; it is adventurous. Prints and patterns are where the biggest trends lie this season. They are all fresh.

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The trendy colours are incorporated into bold images that are graphic and sometimes a melange of colours and ideas. It is like modern graffiti in the fashion world.

Florals are big in popularity and in size. There might be one large orchid, chrysanthemum, tulip, magnolia, gardenia, rose or daisy right in the middle of your top, with vibrant colours in the flower. The canvas is the garment. This look can also be graphic with the image spliced.

There are also graphic prints in black and white with a trendy accent colour. This is a great way to bring a trend into your wardrobe without committing to a piece in a colour you may not be fond of.

Black and white appear mostly in graphic prints with stripes, checks and abstract images repeated to create a pattern. Repeated images that create patterns are a hot trend this season. Black and white is the conservative option. Images include large and small bamboo leaves, wave patterns, a melange of flowers and many more. The repetition of the image is the pattern. This pattern can be tone on tone, complementary or contrasting colours. There are lots of choices for your many adventures.

There are a few other trends that work well with spring colours that make a statement this season. Coloured lace as a trim on tops and skirts and floral 3-D appliques on dresses are exquisite. With all the bright colours, there are also traditional fall colours complementing the spring fashion colours. Khaki, camel, grey and navy are the most popular. They tone down some of the bright colours and bold prints. Invest in some of these garments as they will be great transition pieces when the summer starts to roll into the fall. Enjoy the parade of vibrant colours and images.

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