Peters Colony Elementary Library

From the beginning...

Peters Colony Building the Space

So, in the beginning of this library we had a lot of tables, and a library suited to teaching classes in a rocking chair. So I changed it all. I created a vibrant and "bookstore" like library that is welcoming and would be an awesome place to just do some learning.

The front bookcases were converted from the "professional library" into a showcase for new books and favorite characters. These kids love LEGO books. I decided to run the library like a small business, a small business run by one person. Every window became an advertisement to visit the library. And I relied heavily on my background from Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Or as one of my old district managers used to say, you put the good stuff in the front.

I added a student work display area so that classes could display their work. In order to free up the front of the library, I moved the projector and screen to the back of the library, so that the front could be utilized as a flexible learning space. It also made the library feel warm and inviting as soon as you walked in the door.

After the reorganization of the floorplan, the library was able to facilitate meetings and trainings, and larger classes.

Building the Image

I know that in order for the library to be seen as a professional source for learning, I needed to build a brand for the library. And I started with a logo. Everything I send out has our logo on it: Posters, letters home, etc.

I also created an Instagram account to show our students what was happening in the library. Since, they aren't old enough to have an account, I added a feed to the library website.

What the year looked like.