By: Thakeyla Braswell

dentists is the branch of the healing arts and sciences devoted to maintaining  oral

health . The average Salary for dentists  is $ 2500 . if you work with cleaning teeth den you make 30$ an hour .

For your own business like and Eyebrow company , To own your own eye brow company you need a certificate its like a degree and you will need your License to start your own business .


Is a Nash county native . also a hair dresser she charge $30 -40$ depending on the hair that left over . she also do nail's and she teaches other children that goes to  Edgecombe  community college , how to do hair and nails .

George Maclian

He sales car like Madza cars like all different kinds of  cars .

he  always was a Acc football player and was an high school football player he won the ACC CHAMPION .

Nash community college have over 200 programs .

" If you ask me what i got plan for my foresight i have a big plan i want to attend Ohio University but if  i cant attend the college i would not mine going to ECU  OR DUKE UNIVERSITY i would like to go to the U.S Marshal's but i know i have to take some big steps before that so IM going to school to be a police officer and whenever i reach that level when i become an U.s Marshal's my DREAM WILL BE ALL OVER WITH. AND I WOULD LOVE MY LIFE. INTILL THEN I'M LIVE MY LIFE TRY HARDER AND FOCUS IN SCHOOL , AND FINSH MY WORK AND LISTEN TO MY TEACHER SO MY FUTURE WILL BE LIKE IM EXPECTING IT. "!

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