Moroccan Uromastyx

I have a pet Uromastyx named Spikey, who is a lizard. I named him Spikey because his tail is really spikey because he uses it to defend himself from predators. In my opinion they are pretty low maintenance because they don't need water  because they get most of it from their food and are vegetarian. They live for about 25+ years, (my lizard is 2 years old) and can grow to about 40cm.


Moroccan Uromastyx come from deserts from Africa and the Middle East so when they are kept as pets, they need to have high temperatures of heat up to 45*C (113*F). They like to bask on rocks and will dig so any rocks that are in the tank have to be securely placed.


Moroccan Uromastyx eat vegetables and no bugs. They can eat: kale, bok choy, romaine lettuce, clover, finely shredded carrots, rose petals, other flowers mostly red, orange, yellow, and white, and dandelion leafs. They can also eat bird seed, millets, and lentils. Do not feed them spinach, cabbage, and iceburg lettuce   

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