efectos positivos

*Education: No child should be left behind in the process of education

*NCSSA: The NCSSA stands for No Child Should Suffer Association and we think that every one that has a job and get a legal pay check should be give 5% of there to the NCSSA and the money would be distributed to all types of charities in the state, this includes child hunger, children be abused, adoption agencies and more.

*Teachers Pay- I think that teachers should get paid more because they are the start of every child's future.

*Gay marriage: because everyone should be happy & everyone should be treated the same no matter who  their sex partner are

*In the case of a pandemic or epidemic crisis the area that is involved in the crisis shall be on lock down.

* In the case that an absent parent leaves or cheat by choice he or she shall pay a 75% of earnings to his or her children.

* If you go to the hospital you cannot be denied for financial reasons.

* Keep your hands , feet , and objects to yourself unless you have to use self defense .

* If a person's property is stolen and the criminal is caught he should pay double the items worth at new .


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