Zmariah Brown
             persuasive speech

Hi my name is Zamariah Brown and I believe 3rd graders should have iPads. I want to share my opinion because the third grade classrooms only have a few and fourth and fifth grade have class sets. I care about this topic because I believe we are old enough to have iPads like the fourth and fifth graders. It matters because it always need to be the top grades that will be 3rd 4th and 5th
One reason 3rd graders need iPads is because we can learn by using them. We can do homework and classwork on an iPad. We can take notes, do projects and take tests using iPads. Students can research at school or home if they have a personal iPad.
Every third through fifth grader should have an IPad. If we have iPads in third grade, we can be more prepared for 4th grade. Third graders would have a lot of time to practice different apps, research and create presentations.Having experience with those learning tools, would most definitely help students when they are in 4th and 5th grade.
If every third grader had an iPad we wouldn't have to share or just have a class set. Every student would have more individual practice, would not have to share with several classmates, and would not spread germs.