The sun represents the point of focus in the picture
These diagonal lines help represent activity.
The color helps liven the design this building to bring it to life
The shading helps us perceive distance and shape of the room.
This building is in the form of two intersecting rectangles.
This building conveys form by demonstrating a 3D volume.
This picture helps you determine distance and implies depth.
This 2D looking image demonstrates a rocky texture.
This picture is balanced because it reflects its image symmetrically across a surface of water.
This photo draws attention to the taxi. The taxi is the focal point.
This picture contrasts dark and light backgrounds onto glasses.
This picture represents graduated rhythm by having the stones get progressively smaller the higher they go.
This picture demonstrates proportion by making these eggs appear massive.
These houses are all consistently placed and are the exact same size/shape.
This is a simplistic picture because it consists primarily of the ocean and sky.
This picture represents radial symmetry because there is symmetry circling a fixed point.
There is a repeated decorative design in this hallway, aka pattern.
Harmony: This picture is pleasing and in agreement with itself.
This picture represents typography because it demonstrates a design through the use of text.
This image represents gestalt, because you notice the entire image before the individual parts (saxophone guy).

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