Arabian Peninsula Tips

Bring a tent and loose fitted clothes because at night it can get really cold and during the day, obviously really hot because it's the desert your going to. A camel would be the best animal to bring because it can withstand way more than other animals.

Oases' can be any size but all have fertile land, so you will have to grow crops for food. The palm trees there are very good for shade, and the palm tree's bark makes a really good house or tent to live in. The last thing is that there is water there for a reason, make sure you use it for anything you need so you can stay alive.

The air is damp and moist in a coastal plain, so have protection because rain falls regularly. The land is very suitable for you to grow crops. To collect clean water you can build small dams for drinking. Finally if someone is sick you can collect tree sap so you have medicine to make for feeling better.

The mountains have many climate changes so you would have to be prepared for anything, also you have to be careful because they are very craggy mountains. If you live there mud bricks would be the best thing to make your house out of.  Certain places are able to grow crops. Building terraces is a good idea for protection.