What It Takes to be a Insect

They have 3 body parts the head, the thorax the abdomen.  They have 6 legs. They are cold blooded.

Facts About a Flea

A flea can jump up to 8 inches high. Fleas do not have wings.Fleas are a couple of milimeters tall.

Life Cycle of a Flea Diagram

Stage 1

Stage 1 is called a egg.  It takes 1-6 days to hatch When a egg is layed it cuddles with its brothers and sisters.

Stage 2

It is called a larva. It is  two milimeters long. It is born blind.

Stage 3

It is called a pupa.  It is an adult in the pupa for 6 months.It does not need food to live inside a pupa.

Stage 4

This is the last stage which is called a adult.  It comes out of the pupa starving. If it doesn't eat in a few days after it will die.