Temperate Deserts

By: Gage Thompson, Kaitlin Vickery, Devandrius McCollum

Deserts are often very colorful environments. Temperate deserts sometimes have a higher number of species. Daytime temperatures are high. At night the temperatures drop. Some of the birds live in the cactus.

Deserts generally receive less than 40 cm of rain a year. Around one third of earth's surface is covered in deserts. The area in original meaning of the word desert is abandon. The largest cold desert on earth is Antarctica. the largest hot desert id on earth's surface is the savanna.

Plants in the temperate desert needs the ability to collect and store water. They also need features that reduce water loss. They have long roots. Many flowers in the temperate deserts have color in them. Plants have a revolutionary history.

Daytime temperatures in the temperate deserts are high in the summer and low in winter. The average temperature is between 30 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are long and cold. You should wear summer clothes. You should also wear shoes that are good for walking.

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