Thing 3 Cloud Inition

Quest 1 "What is a Cloud?"

     Having and using a Cloud will benefit you a lot of things. How does it benefit you? Well these are some things that will benefit you if you use Cloud. So lets see what a Cloud is. Cloud is a server that is processed in many places over the world with a computer much more stronger than your computer and which stores data/files of the people who save their data in Cloud. You can save files and images in your Cloud account and you do not have to take your USB but just simply go to a place that has internet access and open Cloud. The files are stored in a server so you will not lose the files even though something happens to your computer. You can access to your files any time in your devices. You do not have to carry around your files but simply take your device or access it on a different device. You can save your work on the Cloud even if your not done and access it again on a different device. When your doing work and saving it to Cloud while you are doing work you can save it redo it and you can also save it any time anywhere. These things will benefit you by having Cloud.