Rise to world power

February 15, 1898  

The USS Maine explodes a Havana Harbor, due to misconception yellow journalist over exaggerate and blame it on the Spanish.

U.S.  Declares war

April 24, 1898 Spain declares war on U.S.

April 25 U.S. declares war on Spain  

May 1, 1898 Battle of Manila Bay (Philippines)

December 10, 1898  

July 1, 1898 San Juan Hill taken by "Rough Riders"

War against the Spanish is over

July 7, 1898 Hawaii Annexed

August 12, 1898 Spain signs armistice

December 10, 1898

The war begins

  •   June 28, 1914 Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated (sparks the war)

July 28 1914 - Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.

August 1, 1914 - Germany declares war on Russia.

  • May 7, 1915 The RMS Lusitania is sunk by a German U-boat (120 Americans died)
  • January 19, 1917- Germany sends telegram to Mexico saying to attack the U.S., the British intercept it and tell U.S.
  • April 6, 1917 the U.S. has had enough of Germany and declares war
  • Sep 26, 1918, The Battle of the Argon forest, involved the AEF and their leader John Pershing. The battle was in Belgum, German is pushed back
  • Nov 11, !918 Germany surrendered
  • June 28, 1919 The Treaty of Versailles officially ends WW1, but the U.S. rejects it because we believe it will only cause more problems (it does)

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