My first thought about UTA, was that we were going to have a lot of fun and learn awesome things. When I walked in I saw many stairs and seats, although I wanted to see many things such as the outside of UTA and inside of UTA. One part enjoyed the most was the magic show, it was fun because they were playing with fire and nitrogen. I wanted to learn how classes go on UTA. The part I didn't enjoyed at all was sitting on the basketball court for like 4 hours or more, I didn't like it because my feet would hurt. My suggestions for next year tour is to have way more fun and learn a lot of new things. Next year I also want to learn how to apply for UTA and also how the schedule of classes go on. I do consider applying in UTA because its close to home, and if I get a scholarship for soccer I will apply on UTA. In our next tour I would like to meet teachers and students that go to that university.

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