life of a civil war soldier

samuel carris

Day 1. My name is Samuel Harris. I am 25 years old fighting on the Union side to stop slavery from spreading and I fight for my county. I live in the state of Illinois.  I have no family they got killed by some Confederate soldiers. I got home all I saw was their body's laying down with blood all over the ground.  I had two children and one wife their names where John, William and my wife is Era.   

Day 2, Me and my friends are in the middle of the woods at our camp, playing some with some cards. We all went looking for some food. All i got was a duck well I cocked it and shared some with my fellow friends. But i had to turn of the fire before the confederates come and find me and my fellow friends. After eating we all rote on our journals to our families to bad i don't have a family because of the Confederates.   

Day 3, My camp is located the middle of the woods.  I live with 10 of my friends we covered the camp with trees so the confederacy aint see us.Its hard to get food without the confederates catching us wondering in the woods looking for food. me and my maits  went out and saw a conferred solder walking by so we had to keep our mouths shut because if he hears us then me and my fellow maits are done for.

"aye boy you want some goobers"

"yea sure for how much greenbacks"

"boy are you crazy no you can have them free"


"my pleasure young man"  

 Me and my fellow friends our her in our camp i choose this picture because it shows me and my fellow friends sitting and we are looking good.

Day 4. I chose to stay with y mother because i knew that one day she would disappear and i wanted to spend the last 2 years with my mother.

I got spend time with my mom and stay out of trouble for some years.

I wish my mom could take care of her self so i can help my brother out in the war.

Jeremiha how do you think your brothers doing.

                                                          UNION SOLDER ROCK

Day 5.

I'm a union soldier


You're a union soldier


We're all union soldier


union, union, union, union, union soldier


Put your guns away

Well, then I got to say when you tell me not to shoot

I say, no way

(No way)

No, no, no, no way

I'm a Yankee, you say

When you say I'm a soldier I say, say it again

And then I say thanks


Thank you very much

So if you thinking that you'd like to be like me

Go ahead and try

The Yankee inside will set you free

I'm a union soldier


You're a union soldier


We're all Union soldiers


UNION, union, union, union, union, ROCK

Day 6. On my way while was getting food I passed though a camp i saw a bunch of people laying in the ground with guns and blood then i realized that they where having a battle its was really grows some soldier had worms on them. I met this one guy that gave me 9 pieces of breed i brought some for my friends back at camp and one of my fellow friends got meet for all of us at the camp we had to wait some days so the meet can be fresh we diged the dirt and buried it there and cut of some pieces because some parts had them grows worms.

Day 7. One of my best friends got sick of diarrhea he told me he cant spend more days he said its time for me to go some where better then the camp. lost of them union folks started getting diseases well lots of them soldiers got shot and some of them got really sick well I hope I don't get affected by some sword of diseases.

Day 8. This war has been over lots of wife's, and Moms were suffering  because they have there loved ones dead. Finally the day came that the war has ended many of my friends ended up dead and I almost got shot in the leg right when the guy was about to shoot me they shot him that was one of the most dangerous situation I encountered. Well now that the war is over I can go back home and stay out of trouble and danger. Well i am gonna miss my friends after all they are some really nice folks but i am gonna mostly miss my family.  

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