Red Cross

By: Madeline S.

Even as a child Clara Barton (Founder of Red Cross) helped others. This is because when she was eleven her brother was hurt and she cared for him for two years. She did not know at the time that this is what she would do for the rest of her life, helping others. I nominate the Red Cross for the Hilton Humanitarian Award because the Red Cross helped others and still does to this day. The Red Cross is devoted to alleviating human suffering and helping those in need. The Red Cross also qualifies for this award because they are an organization and are publicly supported.


Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born on December 25, 1821 in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Clara’s father was Stephen Barton. He had been a soldier and told Clara many stories of the army. His stories gave her a lifelong interest in the military.Clara’s mom, Sarah Stone Barton, was an independent thinker and believed that woman should have the same rights as men. Clara was the youngest of five children in her family and her brothers and her siblings taught her spelling, reading, and math when she was very young. She could spell long words when she was just four years old. When Clara first started the Red Cross her dream was that the Red Cross would go to any disaster and help those in need. The Red Cross was founded on May 21, 1881 in Washington D.C.. Clara was President of the Red Cross from 1881-1904. Clara devoted her life to helping others through the Red Cross. Clara’s inspiration for starting the Red Cross was during the Civil War. There was many hurt soldiers and Clara wanted to help them.

Impact on Humanity- Disasters

When the Red Cross had first started Clara believed that the Red Cross could do more than help soldiers. Now the Red Cross responds to natural disasters as well as train crashes, explosions, and hazardous material spills. They respond to any natural disaster. Some examples include: floods, fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes. The Red Cross also helps victims of fires, floods, tornadoes, and droughts. When a disaster occurs and a home is destroyed volunteers help set up shelters to that family. Red Cross volunteers also bring food, clothing, and medicine.

Impact on Humanity - Community

Today people remember Clara as one of the great US woman. Clara spent her life caring for others and saved many lives. All through her life she worked hard for her beliefs. Did you know that the Red Cross responds to more than 67,000 disasters a year? While some volunteers help with disasters other volunteers plan for disasters. The Red Cross helps 150 families a day who lose their homes to fire.

Impact on Humanity - Blood

For the Red Cross you can donate blood to save lives. Many people give their time, money, and sometimes even blood.There is a great history of blood donations. Red Cross workers organize blood drives and donate the blood to people in need. This save’s countless numbers of lives. During World War I 18,000 nurses joined the Red Cross. During World War ‖ the Red Cross donated blood to soldiers. The blood saved lots of lives.


The roots of the Red Cross grow from Clara Barton. Clara displayed qualities of devotion and caring. Clara worked hard for her beliefs since she was just a little girl. Her mother inspired her to do much more than help her family and friends. Clara spent her whole life caring for the sick and wounded. Even when Clara was an elder she traveled to direct Red Cross workers and help where she was needed in disasters. Her commitment shows great devotion to mankind. Clara showed great care and compassion for wounded soldiers. During the Civil War, Clara brought supplies to the soldiers and started new hospitals for the wounded. Clara went wherever she was needed.

I believe the Red Cross deserves the Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Award because they spend their lives helping others, are a publicly supported organization, and go anywhere to alleviate human suffering. The Red Cross ,greatly influenced by Clara Barton, deserves this award because of the positive impact they made on humanity.

Red Cross, crossing the bridge to good health


Madeline Snyder

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