Birkenstocks and socks are IN for autumn

Birkenstocks and socks are IN for autumn, says fashion editor, but would you dare step out in Rita Ora's favourite look?

Fashionistas may despair at the latest trend reports - but their granddads will be delighted.

Socks and sandals are the latest must-have look, according to a leading fashion editor.

And it's not the delicate shimmering sock with an elegant heeled sandal you've seen at Burberry and Prada but an altogether more masculine pairing.

This season it's all about double-strap flats and thick, ribbed socks, says Katherine Ormerod, senior fashion news editor at Grazia.

She has said that the Birkenstock is a more affordable take on designer looks, but warns you must retain some bare skin and avoid covering up your whole leg to make it work.

The look has been dubbed 'Stocks and socks and is all about a silhouette of chunky sock and chunky, flat shoe.

Traditionally, it's a look favoured by granddads and hippies and general creatures of convenience with minimal interest in fashion.

But the past few months have seen it filter through designer catwalks such as Miharayasuhiro, through to fashion bloggers like Man Repeller, and down to showbiz darlings like Rita Ora and the Olsen twins.

Now, it's stomping its way through social media and onto the feet of the fashionable woman on the street, says the Guardian.

'Flat sandals and socks look good worn with a pretty dress, bare legs and a chunky jacket. It doesn't work with tights,' says Katherine Ormerod.

'The sock needs to be substantial, something with a bit of a hiking vibe to it. Best get them in a grungy colour, a grey or an olive or a brown, and wear them a bit slouched down. The whole look needs to be outdoorsy. It can work for men as well as women too, as part of that whole urban woodsman look. You know: the beard, lumberjack shirt, rolled-up jeans, sandals and socks.

'While this look is always going to look great on a woman with long slim legs, like many things, socks and sandals can be flattering to lots of shapes and sizes because of the proportions involved. Things that are heavier around the ankle make your leg look slimmer. This is why big chunky boots are currently so popular too.'

Birkenstocks were, of course, huge for summer.

But fashion says you should consider carrying the shoe into autumn (especially the new sheepskin-lined Arizona style), paired with chunky socks.

The look will definitely keep your toes toasty as well as, apparently, make your legs look slimmer and earn you plenty of fashion points.

A couple of weeks ago, geeky Velcro-strap sandal company Teva ran a promotion with Urban Outfitters in America. They celebrated socks and flat sandals by offering a pair of Teva with Woolrich socks at a $65 set.

Models in a dedicated lookbook were seen wearing the sandals with colorful socks and hipster-chic ensembles such as chambray shirt-dresses and acid wash joggers. And in an appeal to the snap-happy Instagram set, the lookbook had the hashtag #SockAndSandals printed on the cover.

But highly styled, long-limbed, airbrushed models are one thing, and real life is another. It remains to be seen whether even the most stylish women on the street will really adopt the look.

Are you convinced?

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