10 Ways to be Successful in your Job

1.  Behave as of you're still being interviewed

Once you're hired, it is easy to feel a sense of accomplishment and assume you belong.  Think of your first 30-60 days as an extended interview.  Show up every day thinking you need to prove you deserved to be hired.  You'll work harder and smarter and won't take anything for granted...and you will show everyone there that you proved you belong.

2. Don't view your manager as someone who tells you what to do

In theory, yes, that is what they do.  In reality, that is probably not why they hired you.  Help them and show them your value.

3. Build relationships based on performance, not conversation

Be yourself, your personality will get you friends.  But, unless you work hard and be responsible in the workplace, they won't respect you for long.

4. Go the extra mile early-and often

Work hard-and it will get noticed.  You may be working on gaining experience and skill sets, but if you work hard while doing it people will notice, understand, and support you.

5. Spot the high performers and mimic them

Figure out what kind of personality characteristics they have and how they approach and solve problems.

6. Think three moves ahead

Think of it as chess.  Your current move builds a base for future moves.

7. Find a way to stand out

Work hard to become known for something specific.  A certain skill point that people associate you with.  Or even find a way to organize events that will bring the company together.

8. Create your own project

Having success in the projects you are assigned is great-but expected.  Excelling at a project you create yourself is exceptional.  

9. Find people to help

You're new.  So people should help you-right?  Right and wrong.  Get your own stuff done-but also make a point to assist others.  It shows you are responsible and take initiative.  And it is a great way to form relationships within your organization.

10. Never forget why you were hired

Make sure that you are focused on fulfilling your own goals as well as your company's goals.  Make sure you do-because that is why you're here