What is it?It's water that comes from a dam failure and makes it so you can maybe go outside.Floods can happen from heavy rainfall and also can happen from dam failure.or a river over flowing.

when Server weather happend

Northwest Queensland Australia. Cyclones Domini and Ellie saturate the area with 356 mm (14 in) of rain, causing the worst floods on record. Rivers overflow their banks and submerge more than 1,000,000 km2 (386,100 mi2), inundating thousands of homes and devastating the sugarcane and cattle industries. Damages are estimated at more than $210 million.In 2009.

Java and Sumatra. Tsunami, following the explosion of Krakatoa. Some 36,000 lives lost.In 1883.

How people made changes to survive

People have made flash flood warnings,from towers,you can also put sandbags up.

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