Paul Bunyan

Created By: Caitlyn Williams

                                                          Background Information:

Paul Bunyan is America's best-known folk hero. Paul Bunyan is a legend about a man that was a powerful giant he was 7 feet tall with a stride of 7 feet. Paul Bunyan was famous throughout the lumbering districts for his great physical strength. Bunyan's great size and strength supposedly enabled him to clear North Dakota of it's forests and to dig out Lake Superior. Many of these stories are set on his gigantic logging camp on the "Big Onion River" during the winter of the "Winter of the blue snow and involve the exploits of his colorful crew, his camp cook or his enormous big blu ox (babe). the earliest reliably dated reference to Paul Bunyan comes from a logging camp north of tomahawk during the winter of 1885-1886. Charles Brown heard these stories form the loggers at the camp and then they were soon spread to coast to coast. But before they were printed Paul Bunyan continued a long oral tradition.

Key Ideas and Details:

1. (A) According to Sandburg, what is the origin of the Paul Bunyan Stories?                             (B)What does Sandburg mean by saying that " some of Paul is old as the hills, young as the alphabet?

Answer to (A): Sandburg says that the origin of Paul Bunyan is the Wisconsin.                Answer to (B): What Sandburg was meaning is that Paul Bunyan has been around for a long time and still has not gone anywhere just like the alphabet and hills.(Legends never die)

2.(A): Identify two actions that show Paul Bunyan is clever as well as strong?

     (B) :How do these qualities relate to the myth of the heroic character?

Answer to (A): He turned off the rain and cleared north dakota of forests and dug out Lake Superior.

Answer to (B) : One of them are impossible to do and the other would take a long time and a lot of help.

3.(A) How does Paul Bunyan stop the rain?

(B)What is the anecdote and other details in the selection tell you about life in the midwest in the early nineteenth century?

Answer to (A): Paul Bunyan stops the rain by diving into Lake Superior and swam to where a solid pillar of water was coming down. he dived under the pillar, swam up into it and climbed in it with powerful strokes and was gone about an hour and then he came splashing down and the rain stopped he said that he turned the thing off.

Answer to (B)

4. (A) Do you think that Paul Bunyan stories might have been based on a real person?

      (B): What type of person in today's world that might inspire this kind of story?

Answer to (A): I think Paul Bunyan might have been based on a real person and exaggerated over the years that it was in oral tradition.

Answer to (B): A person that might inspire this type of story is a strong person and a person who cares for others.

5. (A):Why would a lumberjack have been a hero in frontier America?

     (B):What qualities does Paul Bunyan share with today's heroes?

Answer to (A): A lumberjack would have been a hero  because they would have made more wood for more homes and wagons and fences and many other products.

Answer to (B):Paul Bunyan shares respect with the heroes of today.

Short Summary of the text:

Paul Bunyan was a powerful giant he 7 feet tall and a stride of 7 feet. Paul Bunyan was a lumberjack who was very strong. He was known for his size and strength. Paul Bunyan a hero in the frontier time of America he was known everywhere. Many people said that he cleared North Dakota clear of any forests  and dugout Lake Superior.

2 paragraphs of how I developed the theme or the story:

I developed the story by studying the text. I looked closely and then I found  out the theme. The theme is if you try hard enough anything is possible and to never give up. Because if you give up then you will never be successful in life. If your not successful in life then you can not live a decent life.

I also learned that even if you are going through hard times you can succeed in life because that is a challenge and they make you try harder. This story should inspire many people. It should tell them that if they want something go for it you never know unless you try. If you study and do what you are suppose to in life you will be set. Just keep trying and you will get rewarded.