Scott Krautman - Fantasy Football

Scott Krautman is a sales and marketing executive at a small TV station in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. He has a degree in marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University and hopes to one day land a job with one of the major cable and satellite TV sports channels, like ESPN or Fox Sports.

Although he duties requires him to oversee the sales and marketing operations of the entire station, Scott Krautman has an affinity for its sports department and has developed some good relationships with the guys who work in it. One sports department employee in particular has helped him with his tennis game. And most of them are involved in playing fantasy football.

As he knows, fantasy football is a game in which the players act as team owners, and form fantasy football teams using real-life players for the teams. They compete in fictional football games with scoring that is based on a player's real-life statistics. "So it was a big deal when I got Peyton Manning on my team," Scott Krautman says, referring to one of the game's top quarterbacks. "We rocked that year."

The players, acting as owners, have a full roster of players, with starting lineups and guys sitting on the bench. Between games they can trade for other players to improve their team, just like in real NFL football. And just like in real NFL football, a fantasy football season consists of a draft, a regular season, and playoffs that lead to a championship game.

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