applied physics

session 2

in session 1 we used the oscilloscope and measured sound waves and vibrations regulations and low sounds and hight sounds and there frequencys

session 3

we made a hypothesis And made a educated guess on what the temp would be

session 4

in session 4 we tested our hypothesis and used the hair dryer to heat the materials up and check the temp.

session 5

im session 5 we learned how light travels with a laser and we use mirrors to do redactions

session 6

In session 6 we demonstrated the proper use of a laser we also expirmemted with a laser

session 7

in session we used the laser and directed the light into mirrors were they reflected in to other objects.


this module can help with learning to be a engineer because u learn how to test the heat of things and if u invent something u will know how much heat it will withstand? So this would be a goo module if u wanted to be a engineer.