Apps for mLearning

Mobile Apps for Use in a Classroom

1. Math Fact Master: For elementary math, the app allows students to practice basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on mobile flashcards.

In a classroom, the app can be used to do mad-minute style tasks.

2. iBiome-Wetland: For elementary science, the app allows students to explore the concept of wetland ecosystems.

Students can be assigned to explore one ecosystem available on the app and create a food web (or food chain) that applies to that ecosystem.

3. Toontastic: This app is ideal for elementary English classes and allows students to create their own stories and animate them to create cartoons.

Students can be assigned to create a cartoon summary of books read in class. This will help students to practice paraphrasing and will demonstrate a thorough understanding of novels read in class

4. Where are We? Learning Library Collection: this app allows elementary students to explore different areas of the globe and learn about various conditions in each climate.

Students could use this app to explore one area of the world and some of its features, and create a presentation for students about their discovery.

5. My Incredible Body: The app allows students to explore and learn about their bod systems, and the functions of vital body parts.

The app could provide supplementary knowledge of the human body for any anatomy activities in class.

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