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"Machine Gun" Jack McGurn

Jack Mcgurn  (July 2, 1902 – February 15, 1936) a mobster

He grew up in Chicago slums was took a career as a boxer got the name "Battling"

Club manger Danny Cohen gave McGurn money  to persuade Joe E Lewis, a top comedian not to move to rivals part  of town. Lewis refused so he throat and cut off a portion of his tongue

McGurn was not a street gangster however his stepfather was murder and he tracked down and killed the three men. they called his step father a "nickel and dimer" so he put a nickel in there hands. this got the attention of Al Capone then he got on Capone payroll

Jack was constantly at Capone's side to protect the big fellow and was seen everywhere Al went, football,baseball games and night clubs.One time Joey Aiello a North side ally and anti-Capone gangster tried to have Al Capone killed. Each time the plot was uncovered before anything took place. Joe Aiello placed a $50,000 bounty on Al's head and gave the offer to any gangland killer in the U.S.

Killers once again try to hit McGurn on April 17,1928. McGurn was in his Lincoln sedan, when a touring car with four men began firing a thompson in his direction at Morgan and Harrison streets. McGurn quickly jumps out and runs toward the archway of 525 South Morgan for cover. The doorway is pelted with .45 bullets, but McGurn escapes uninjured.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre  McGurn is most associated with planning the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre but any part he may have played in the incident has not been proven. Although police charged McGurn in the case, he was never brought to trial because of his blonde  "blonde alibi" — girlfriend and later wife Louise Rolfe  She said they claimed they spent the whole day together in bed at the Stevens Hotel. They had been registered under the name J. Vincent D'Oro in room 1919.

He was a great golfer tried to make a professional career but it went bad when a article came out "Public enemies " where he was listed 4th for  terrorizing chicago.

He was assassinated by three men using machine guns. The shooting took place while McGurn was bowling at the second-floor Avenue Recreation Bowling Alley, at 805 N.

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