Hominid exhibit
Wise Man
Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis
By: Nicole Sisto

Wise man were 5 and a half feet tall. They walked upright and they were short and stocky. They were strong and had large brains. Wise man were hairy and part human and ape like. They were more human than Lucy, handyman, and Upright man.

Wise Man used 60 different tools like knives, scrapers, and spear points. They also had fire to keep themselves warm, cook food, and scare away animals or predators. They lived in Africa, Europe, and parts of West Asia. They also lived in caves like other hominids would do.

Wise Man were the first people to hunt in a organized group so they could get things easier and help each other fight. They were also the first hominids to care for each other by laying there bodies in a burial grounds along with hunting tools and flowers.

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