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Equine Nutritionist

Job Description

· This job is for people who want to be involved with horses but not have to go through the extensive medical training that veterinarians have to do. Nutritionists work to get animals in the finest possible physical state through a series of foods and supplements designed specifically for each individual animal.


· You must have been graduated from high school; a college degree is beneficial, business degree as well as nutritionist studies. If you want to get a position with a large company a masters or PhD. in nutrition is generally required.

$ Money $

The average salary for an equine nutritionist is averaged to about $112,660 a year.


Most equine nutritionist work in fields/ barn where the horse is located. Sometimes nutritionists work in the lab, traveling to food supplier locations, or in research universities.

Related occupations

An Equine Veterinarian is very similar to an equine nutritionist.

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