AP International 2016

By: Brett, Bernie, Baillie and Mackey


We contact the company and work with them to determine where we want to go. This company is beneficial because it's open to our personal preferences.  

Places available to travel to:
Costa Rica

In Costa Rica we would do the following;

• Spend 5 days at Estacion Las Tortugas on the Caribbean coast
• Participate in beach patrols, data collection as well as relocating and counting eggs
• Travel to the interior community of Monteverde and meet your host family
• Work with your group at the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve
• Visit cultural landmarks and environmental sites
• Take part in a farewell community celebration
• Travel to the Pacific coast to relax and enjoy 2 days at Samara Beach
• Have a debriefing day with your group

In India we would do the following;

• Travel to the village of Bir and meet your Tibetan host family• Contribute to the health and well-being of the community by immersing yourself in various environmental projects
• Participate in sustainable waste management initiatives in the area
• Visit important cultural landmarks
• Explore the Himalayas
• Discover the breathtaking trail of the Great Himalayan National Park
• Take part in a farewell community celebration before returning home
• Enjoy a debriefing day with your group

Those planned trips are just an idea of what we would be doing in the other countries that are available to us to travel to as well.

Costs; $500 registration
Plus $1,299 in project costs.

This price includes;
-Project development
-Pre-departure training (in Canada and in the country)
-In-country travel
-Food (3 times a day)
-Portable water
-Organization of the work project
-Project supervision by a country supervisor
-Cultural excursions
-Evaluation and debriefing in the country and in Canada
-Comprehensive medical insurance
-Civil liability insurance
-24/7 crisis management

We would have to pay for our flights. We get to live with host families, so we get an authentic experience where ever we go.

This company seems like a good choice to go with because we can choose where we want to go.
A next step would be to pick which place we will travel to.

Information was taken from the Canada World Youth website.

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