One Direction Loses a Member

It is sad to hear that the group we all grew to love with on The X-Factor is losing a member. I know I love their music and have many of their songs on my Ipod. Here are a couple articles explaining what happened.

Bonnie Fuller is the creator of Hollywood The author of this article was writing to all the One Direction Fans. She was pinning the actions mostly on Zayn and if he will ever come back. This article was published on Wednesday May 6, 2015. Since it was published today, we have the latest updates on the boy band. If this was published before today, then something might have happened since that post. The band started on the X-Factor and they all auditioned in single acts. Simon Cowell mentored the band and created this band from the start. Lauren Cox was writing to all the One Direction fans telling them what Nayn and Louis tweeted to each other and how the band might never be together again. This article was written because One Direction is very popular in America right now and the thought of them losing a member would be heart breaking to all the fans. This source was trying to tell fans that Zayn and Louis fought on Twitter and Zayn was leaving the band to have a normal life. A lot of teenagers like their music and his voice was a big part of their music so this is a very important article to the die heart fans of One Direction.

Nolan Feeney wrote about Zayn and Louis' fight on Twitter. He attacked Zayn and Louis was the receiver. He wrote this article to the fans of One Direction. This article was published on TIME at 1:15 PM today. Since this article was published today, we have the latest updates on the band. If it was published earlier, then something might have happened and since the last publish. One Direction was on the X-Factor and got third place. In the beginning, they all auditioned individually. Simon Cowell put them together in a boy band for the show and they are still popular today. This article is aimed to the fans of One Direction and they want to know everything about their favorite boy band. Nolan Feeney was trying to tell us that Louis started it with Zayn and he fought back saying not nice words. One Direction produces some really good music and losing one of the voices would be very hard to get used to.

Alex Garofalo wrote this article about One Direction's first appearance that will be on May 14 on the Late Late Show with James Cordon. This article is from the International Business Times. Garofalo is trying to make a positive article about One Direction and their fans. This article was published on Tuesday May 5, 2015 late in the night. Since this source is relatively recent, we can say that this source is pretty true and it states the latest information about the band. One Direction performed on the X-Factor as a band that Simon Cowell created and they are very popular in America and in Europe. This article was written for the fans. He wants a positive story to this band instead of all the other negative articles. This article is important because it is advertising a show the Late Late Show with James Cordon. It was created because the fighting has happened recently and they want to advertise for the show. Garofalo is trying to say that One Direction is going to perform on TV next week without one of the past band member. This article is important to all the fans who love their music and their performances. 

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