Exploration Proposal

By: Anna Pitt

King Philip II, I ask you to listen to me. I have a proposal to share with you.

It is the year of 1559, and instead of searching in the Northeast and Southeast areas of North America, I will search the Northwest and Southwest. Not many explorers have searched there. I think there could be good resources there.

In 1559, Spain is looking for gold. They always look in the same areas for gold. No one has searched in the areas I have located on maps. If you give me money, I will find you gold and riches there.

I am from the country of England, and I have come to ask you for some supplies so I can find you resources.

For this journey, I will need: Boats, food, a crew, a reliable map, and other resources.

If you give me the resources I need, I will find you new resources, ores/metals, gold, furs, and land for your people and of course, you. I will look for these resources because they are needed here in your kingdom and because they are all-around good materials. These materials relate to where I will search because there will be unexplored land where I seek these materials. They will be new and special.

I will search in the Northwest/Southwest area of the USA. Not many explorers have been over there, and there is unclaimed areas that I can claim for Spain.

Other countries are searching for resources, too, like France and England. They are looking for the same resources as me, like land, furs and ores. I would leave as soon as possible so that I could find the resources before them. As soon as you give me the resources I need, I would not need long to get prepared. I would collect a crew, prepare the ships you have given me, and leave. It would probably take about 6 months. I would leave sometime in 1559.

I would be kind to the Natives living there, for they live in the general area. They would probably know good places to look for ores, metals, furs, and land.

The obstacles I expect to encounter are diseases, starvation, incorrect mapping, and lack of supplies. I will stop these things from happening by making sure we have a plentiful amount of resources. We could also stop at a nearby island to recollect materials. Medicines would have to be plentiful as well. Mapping would be stopped by looking at different maps and going to the area that is most likely agreed on being at.

With all the reasons I have given you, I think you should give me the money. It can help you and your people by giving you resources and land. Thank you for your time, King Philip II. And don't forget about my offer.

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3 years ago

I like the way you like thanked him at the end and told him not to forget his offer

3 years ago

I like yours!