Marie Curie

and leukemia

Marie Curie was one of the greatest scientific, because she was one of the scientists who discovered the radioactivity. She dedicated most of her life on radium, polonium and radioactivity. She also won 2 Nobel prizes for chemistry and physics. Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre Curie has made experiences and hypothesis on radioactivity. With all this work, she was exposed to the radiation of radioactivity. For sure, they didn’t know what radioactivity was doing on their health. But in this moment, Marie and Pierre didn’t feel any symptoms. During World War I, she assisted battlefield surgeons and decide to procure X-ray and mobile radiography units, also known as “petites Curies”. She was assisted by her daughter Irène, who also had leukemia. During this time, she was also exposed by X-ray because they didn’t have protection for it. She continued to work on radioactivity and discover later that it was unclear what radioactivity was doing on their health. She died on July 1934, in Poland from pernicious anemia a consequence of the radioactivity in her work. We also discovered that Marie Curie was keeping test tubes of radioactive isotopes in her pockets and in her drawer. The level of radioactivity is so high that her papers are still too dangerous to handle even her cookbook is radioactive! Marie Curie contracted leukemia, an aftermath of the exposure of radioactivity. It also caused a chronic illness and she had blindness because of cataracts. Later, other scientist discovered that being exposed too long or of a level too high radioactivity could be dangerous. People can have cancer (example: leukemia), have burns or radiation sickness (nausea, weakness, hair loss, skin burns, diminished organ function). Radiation can change the DNA and it’s called mutations. So, Marie Curie had leukemia because of the radiation, but she didn’t really know what the effects of radiation was.

Shao Pradel-Tessier

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