James Madison

By: Madi S

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My colonial American is James Madison, the role he played in American history is that he became the fourth American president from 1809-17. He was nicknamed the father of the constitution. From 1777 to 1780 he was a member of the Governors Council. Then he was elected to the Continental Congress, he served  from 1780-1783. He asked congress to start a war with Great Britain, which began the war of 1812.  He made the foundation of the Bill of Rights. James Madison also founded the Democratic-Republican party with Thomas Jefferson. He expanded the nations border with the Louisiana Purchase, the Louisiana Purchase is the sale of Louisiana and it was an acquisition of the United States in 1803 of 828,000 square miles. He represented Virginia in the Constitution Convection. James Madison joined John Jay and Alexander Hamilton to get the Constitution ratified. They appeared in various New York newspapers then they circulated around the United States. James Madison wrote 29 out of 85 Federalist papers. These are the roles he played in colonial America.

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