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Easter Dinner

On Easter me and my family usually have an Easter Dinner. Its mostly just my mom, my step dad, my little sister, my grandma, my two cousins (Alex and Spencer), and my Aunt Penny there, but this time we had a surprise. my cousin Nicole, and my Aunt Machel came over. We havent seen my Aunt sence Thanksgiving and my cousin in a couple years. This Easter was the best because we got to have a nice family dinner together.

Health Problems

About two days after Easter my grandma had to go into surgery to get a peice of her lung out to get it tested because I just found out that she has lung cancer but she has had lung cancre for a while but i find out about it later on. So when she is in the recovery room, me and my mom clean her house for her. the thing is that we did that to surprise her she didnt even know about it until she came home a few days later.

Happy time

The happy time of my spring break was that my grandma and my step dad coming home. My grandma came home and then a day later my step dad came home.

The Wedding

My cousin Tommy was getting married to a girl named Tonya. The wedding was so beautiful, we saw many family members that we haven't seen in a long time.

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