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Biotic factors of savanna

1. Elephant

2. Giraffe

3. zebra

4. Jackalberry Tree

5. Whistling Thorn

6. Manketti Tree

Abiotic factors of savanna

1. Weather



4.Water Avaliblity

5. air

6. amount of sunlight

Carrying Capacity:the number or quantity of people or things that can be conveyed or held by a vehicle or container.

population in the savanna changes over time when they starve, the get dehydrated, when a natural disaster happens, or when they don't get shelter

limited factors (stuff like drought, global warming, wildfire, etc...)

In the savanna, an antilop can get eatin by a leperd if the antilop doesnt get shelter, it cant hide. if it doesnt get food or water, then it will die.

energy roles

elephant grass is a producer that makes its own food form the sun. a zebra is a herbivore that eats elephant grass. a lion is a carnivore that eats the zebra for food. vulchers eat remains of dead animals.

producers: a plant/ object that makes its own food from the sun.

example:elephant grass

herbivores: an animal that eats mostly plants

example: buffilo

omnivores: an animal that eats both plants and meat


carnivore: an animal that eats mostly meat

example: lion

decomposer:an organism that breaks down dead animals


scavenger:an organism that eats the left overs of dead animals.


producers are important to the envirement because it starts the food chain/food web.

example:bur oak tree

food chain is a diagram where it starts with the plants, then the first consumer, the second consumer, the third consumer, then the decomposer.

if we remove the snake from the food chain the hawk population will shrink and the frog population will grow

food web is a bunch of food chains put together.

if we take away the hyena from the food web then the lion population will shrink and the zebra and elephant population will grow

Primary producer: grass Primary consumer: jack rabbit, deer, elephant

Secondery consumer: snake, wolf, lion Tertiary consumer: hawk, lion, africain wild dog

the producer is at the bottom because it is the main sorce of energy

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