Disposable Safety razor

This is a disposable safety razor from 1890 to 1920

King Camp Gillette developed the idea of a portable safety razor in 1895.  He was able to manufacture the first disposable safety razor in 1901, with the help of an engineer named William Emery Nickerson. Before the disposable safety razor, the most commonly used razor was a long blade. This blade worked well but had to be sharpened daily. It had a wedge shaped metal blade that was very heavy.

The disposable safety razor changed American life in the time period that it was invented for the positive. The razor that King Camp Gillette invented didn't have to be sharpened daily like the one before it. It could also be used personally at home so one was not required to go to the barber shop when a shave was needed. The safety razor also gave men the option of wearing a beard or not.

Back then it was just about men. Today, both men and women benefit from the invention of the safety razor. Women may choose to shave their legs, and there are many options of razors to choose from. There are also many different types of razors. Some are for a certain skin type, and there are razors made specifically for men and for women.

If the safety razor was not invented, men and women wouldn't have the choice to shave. They couldn't shave in their own home and would have to go to the barber shop to get a shave. In my opinion, without the invention of the disposable safety razor, more men would have more facial hair.

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