Ron's Resort!

Lac la Ronge, Saskatchewan.

Attractions, fishing, canoeing, hunting, sailing, hiking trails, beach, playground, cross-country skiing, cycling trails, birding/wildlife viewing, picnic area, golf, zip lining. fire place.

Travel Advisory, bus to get there and when you get there you have to take a plane to get to the resort because there's no road. If you see a bear stay calm and slowly back away from it, when you go fishing please wear life jackets. When hunting let someone know were you going and when your coming back and bring a compass to find your way back, hunting season is October-Dec 31. When fishing you can only fish in May-October, Dec-March is ice fishing season.

environmental sustainability plan, lighting from the sun by making more windows, fire place for heating and it doesn't pollute the air. you can only catch 4 male fish, female fish must let go,

Ron's Resort
$160 per night

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