European Exploration Proposal

By Shriya Nambula

Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, I request that you fund the expedition/exploration to find a shorter way to the Indies. The total cost will be 1, 789, 432 Euros. I thank you for coming here today, so let's get started with the details.


King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, I will leave on October 31, 1601 for the New World by boat. I request your best boats for easy exploration. I hope to reach by the end of December.


When I go to the New World, I will find lots of gold for Spain. If there is no gold, I will bring lots of fur and lumber to sell instead of the gold. I will try to bring back exotic fruits and new animals.


I will go through one of these routes, and find a way to the Indies. If there is no way that we can get through the New World, then we will collect all the resources there are in the New World that we can get ahold of, and bring here to sell.


I know that France and England are also going to the New World, but I can assure you that we have the advantage. We have two better leaders involved in the expedition than France and England. You, Queen Isabella, and you, King Ferdinand are the best leaders in all of Europe.


On the way there, I will face some obstacles. Maybe I'll get lost. Maybe there will be a hole in the ship. But I have solutions. If we get lost, I will go to the nearest land, and find my way back. If there is a hole in the ship, I will patch it up immediately, and bucket the water out of the ship. If there are other human beings in the New World who don't believe in Christianity, I will make sure that they switch. I will hang them, break their bones, and burn them alive! We should bring lots of food so we don't run out. We should bring good weapons. We should be prepared.


I think that my crew and I can do a really good job on the expedition. I hope that you choose to fund us for this great opportunity. Thanks for listening!

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