Name: Matthew Schumak

Group Members: Me, myself, and I

Date Started: 4/13/15

1. Define the Problem

     What need or want must be met by the solution?

Design and build a water rocket that will have the longest flight time.

2. Brainstorming

     In the space provided, sketch three possible solutions to the given problem.                      Remember to be creative!

3. Research and Generating Ideas

     In the space below, document your research. Be sure to include proper                    citations at the end of your notes.


     Pitch and Yaw the two most important for a rocket flying strait.

     F=ma so increasing force or reducing mass increases acceleration.

     lower weight for greater burnout velocity

     Thrust changes with bottle size, pressure and amount of water.

     optimum amount of water about .67 liters in a 2 liter bottle

     Drag = .5 * air density * V^2 *front area* coefficient of drag

     Long skinny rockets have better drag coefficients

     Center of pressure should be behind the center of mass for more stable flight

     Ping pong ball to deploy parachute. Add weight until it is heavy enough to deploy

    static margin equal to bottle diameter

     Citations/References: White Box Learning

4. Identifying criteria and specifying constraints

     What are the criteria and constraints?


          Two liter bottle

          powered by water

          travel high and have recovery system





          only 70 psi

5. Exploring possibilities

     Reflect on your brainstorm ideas and research notes. Generate any additional                  designs which you feel meet the criteria and constraints in the space below.

          The best rockets are those that are light but long in order to have good                             aerodynamics. Large fins at the very bottom of the rocket increase the static                     margin. The transition cone would be small because it reduces weight and does              not help improve the static margin. The optimum amount of water should be added          and should be pressurized to maximum psi. The parachute should be as large as              possible in order to maximize the descent time.

7. Developing a Design Proposal

     Take your highest scoring sketch and create working drawings (sketches with                    dimensions, so that you could build your project). Attach your working drawings to this      sheet.

Making a model or prototype

     In the space below, document (using digital pictures) your construction of the                    model/prototype. Be sure to include a picture of the final

9. Testing and Evaluating the Design, using specifications

     As you create your solution, you will perform tests to make sure that the solution is          meeting the needs of the given problem. If you solution does not work, you may need      to repeat the previous steps of the Engineering Design Process, until you find a                functional design. In the space below, document the type of test you conducted and          the results.

Test 1:
    Launch: 6.07 seconds parachute did not deploy, rocket destroyed on impact.

10.Refining the Design

     Based on your tests, propose refinements to the design and construction of the                design problem in the space below.

Larger tube on top that would allow the parachute to come out easier. Straighter nose cone. Larger fins.

11. Creating or Making It

     If time allows, modify your model/prototype as proposed in refining the design. What        additional steps would be necessary to produce this solution for mass market                    production?

In order to mass produce this item there would need to be more efficient ways to cut out the fins, parachute and nose cone. Also there would need to be a stronger way to attach them so they wouldn't break off. Shipping would require packaging that would protect the model.

12.Communicating processes and results

     Present your completed design portfolio as an oral presentation to the class.

Completed with Tackk

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