Marcus' Geometry Project

As the population rises in the cities of Billings, Red Rock, & Covington, Oklahoma, the idea of building a airport became very popular. Traveling is in high demand instead of having to travel by car. But there was one problem, each city wants it to be close to their town, but not too close to disturb the people. What point of concurrency should they use? Where should they build the airport?

Point of Concurrency


1. Construct a graph with a protractor, with each line spaced about 1/2 inch apart from each other.                                                                                                                          2. Using the picture from above, measure each side length with a ruler. Transfer that side length onto the paper.                                                                                                           3. Put the measure lengths next to each side length. Place arc marks on each angle of the triangle.                                                                                                                           4. Using the protractor, measure the distance of each point from the nearest line. This will form the coordinates of the triangle.

In order to find a good place between these points to place an airport, the point of concurrency that should best be used is centroid. It will find a distance 2/3 away from each vertex, making it about halfway in the triangle. The point formed from the intersections is the place where the airport will be built. In order to find this point, we had to use the median of each vertex to form this point. This is how I found the future airport in Oklahoma.

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