Triangle are more special then they look. They sometimes have mysteries that needs to be solve. They have angles and sides. They also have rules that you have to follow in order to solve a mystery of a triangle. This site is here to help you with the rules and steps you have to take.

   45, 45, and 90 & 30, 60, and 90

The triangle on the left is a 45, 45, 90 degree triangle. The triangle in the right is a 30, 60, 90 degree triangle. You can easily tell the different by paying attention to the angles in the inside of the triangle. If the triangle has a 45 as a angle then you know that it's a 45, 45, and 90 degree angle triangle. If you look at a triangle with a 30 or 60 angle inside of it you know that it's a 30, 60, 90 degree angle triangle.

Every Triangles have sides. This sides come with measurement. so of those measurements are determined by what type of triangle it is and what side is of the triangle it is like: A Leg(s) or The Hypotenuse. You take a minute take a look at the video below it will explain in depth a little more.


Hypotenuse: It is the longest side on the triangle. It is right across from the box that signifies the right angle of a triangle.

Leg(s): It is the to shortest sides on a triangle.

Isosceles right triangle: It is a right triangle ( which equals has a 90 degree.) that has two equal sides.

Right Triangle: Is a triangle that has a 90 degree angle.

Congruent: That something is the same or equal

Variable: It is the missing or unknown value.

The following links below will help you understand Special Triangles even more. I hope you learn something and you visit this site again. Thanks!!!

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