Heart disease

How long has heart disease been around ?

Heart disease was studied and it shows that some 3,500 year old Egyption mummies had evidence of heart disease . Expecially atherosclerosis which narrows the arteries . Pharaoh Merenptah died in the year 1203 BC , was plauged with atherosclerosis . Nine of six-teen other mummies studied also had the disease .

How did heart disease get around ?

Heart disease is spread through smoking or secondhand smoke , high amounts of fat and cholesteral in the blood , high blood pressure , high amounts of sugar in the blood due to insulin resistance or diabetes , or blood vessel inflamation.

What does this say about the country ?

The country wasn't very healthy .

how could a major outbreak affect a countries socially ?

If theres a major outbreak oif heart disease , the government could eventually die out . Because heart disease can kill a person and if many people have it , it could kill out the whole contry .

how could a moajor outbreak affect a countries government ?

It could cause money prices to change due to surgeries and all the money used to perform the surgeries .

how could a major outbreak affect a countries economy ?

No money coming in because of all the deaths caused by having heart disease . The remainder of the people who are still alive would have to pay more because there's not that many people working .

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