Ancient Egypt

Stable Food Supply

The Egyptians had the water wheel and a lot of other water. They had enough water for about three years. They had enough food for many weeks. They could eat any plant there, any animal they see, and also the crops they grow. The farmers grew as much food as they need to survive. They had the Nile river and that was a lot of water. They also catch fish in the Nile river. Some foods they had and ate were wheat, papyrus, fish, and bread.


Egyptians believed in many gods. Egyptians worshipped gods with animal sacrifices and with incense and many processions where people carried the image of god from one place to another. People believed that all of Egypt belonged to the gods. Anubis is a jackal or a wild dog. He was the god of funerals. People thought of Horus of having a head of a falcon. Horus is a sky god. Ra was the ancient Egyptian god of the sun. He had a sun balanced on his head. Osiris was an ancient Egyptian god of growing thing. Sometimes his face is green. Mut means "Mother" in Egyptian. Mut was the mother of everything , the whole world.

Social Structure

The Arts

Much of the art work was created by the Egyptians and it had to do with their religion. Artisans made tombs for when Pharaohs died. Stone carvers were on of the most skilled Artisans. They made stone carvings, paintings, music and more. When food went short Artisans went hungry. Egyptians are famous for their giant sculptures. Egyptian artists figured out how to make big buildings like the pyramids, how to make glass and metal, how to use a pottery wheel, and how to carve big stone statues.

System of Government

The Pharaoh owned all of Egypt and everything in it, all the land, tools, animals, and people. He or she could tell anyone what to do. The Egyptian government was a monarchy. The rich men and women ran the estates and on them they could tell everybody what to do. When the Pharaohs were weaker, especially in the first and second intermediate periods. Sometimes they could not make the rich people do what they wanted them to. Often the Pharaoh had to compromise with the rich people.

Advances In Technology

Egyptians built ships, and they originally built small boats then they started making bigger ones. They had a wide variety of medicines and cures. They used honey and human brains to cure eye infections. They also used cooked mouse to help cure coughs. All Egyptians wore make up, even the men. They wore dark eye makeup called Kohl from soot and other minerals. It had a side effect to protect their skin from the hot desert. One of the most important inventions of the Egyptians was there writing. Since the bread had so much grit and sand in it they had a lot of problems with there teeth. They invented large door looks that were two feet long.

Written Language

The writing was uncovered by the Rosetta stone. They use small pictures to represent the sound of the object. They wrote on Papyrus read, which is a water marsh plant, with tall straight hollow stems, the reeds were flattened, dried, and stuck together to make pages. They wrote with pen or ink. The pens were thin, sharp reeds, which they could dip in ink and write with. The ink and paint came from the plants.

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