Future Technology

By. Clay Angler
Dante Cunningham

Technology today is a source of information, comfort, even jobs.

Technology used to be incapable to do these things. There was a time when computers were the size of skyscrapers, and cost almost as much. Now computers are often small enough to be handheld, and complex enough to rival a maze of mirrors. And these computers are only going to get smaller. As a matter of fact, there are prototypes of such machines that can fit inside of blood cells! This amazing new computer may be the next source of information, useful for medical purposes, and the best part is this miniature computer may be right around the corner! That is what the future may bring, so be sure to look around for the miniature computer that may have a big purpose! Click the technology button below!!!

The Past, Now and the Future

This is what we have now of apple products.

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