New waterquins


  Food is very important in our culture, the only food that you can eat, is the sea food. It is forbidden to eat terrestrial food, because if you eat that, then it means that you went to a land culture, and you can't go there. Some local favorites are shown below, the lobster is very usual to eat, because there are a lot of them and they are delicious. Lettuce, potatoes, vegetables and other things, are grown in a special and weird place in the ocean.


  We live (obviously under water) in small and big cities, the houses  are constructions made up of glass ,like shown below, you can see everything from there, you can make your house big or small like apartments if you want, houses connect to each other by tunnels, if you want to go outside, you must use a special equipment, but you can't go to the land, because for us is very different to live like that. Buildings can be very tall and can even reach outside water. There is not a lot of population, and the families are small.


Our culture believes in one god, "Poseidon", for us he is the one that gave us everything to live in his ocean. They say that he comes every year to watch us, and see that everything is fine. Obviously, he doesn't come as in person, we just know that he is there with us, because the oceans turn purple and the waves start to shake until night, all the stars near align forming his trident. Our religion has different things that we must follow, for example is that each Sunday, we make a party to celebrate that we finish the month of hard work and school, everybody comes and there is music, food ,and all the dolphins make their show. Everybody there is always happy.


In New water, we speak different languages, like English, Spanish and French. But, there is a language that everybody knows, to speak with the animals. In school, it is the most important thing to learn, that's what makes our culture special, it allows us to speak to dolphins, fish, seahorses, whales, even sharks. this language is called " Valani", it stands for Variety, Languages in Animals.


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