Don't be intimidated to express who you truly are

Addie Lavender


I believe in the thoughts of succeeding,

the love of my family,

the importance of trust,

the faith I have in God,

the freedom to be your own person and have your own choices,

in where you want to walk, talk, or even connect

But I don’t believe in cruelty to humans or non human creatures.

I believe in the power of creativity,

I believe in the ability to think and imagine different possibilities,

I believe in being able to reinvent yourself

through conversation with yourself, friends, or even family.

And I believe in not being intimidated to express who you truly are.

My Personal Credo

     Don’t be intimidated to express who you truly are. This is the credo I live my life by. During my three years at middle school, one thing that really stuck out at me was, I was terrified to fail at anything I did. I needed to loosen up and not be intimidated. I needed to express me.

     I knew if I needed to loosen up, I needed to find a life quote to base my life on to make me motivated. The first time I realized my credo was in middle school. I looked at all these different people that knew what they were doing and it upset me. I tried over and over again to find a motivating quote. Finally my credo came to me! It began as a really wordy sentence, you really need to show people who you are, don’t be afraid to do so. Slowly and slowly I started narrowing it down. I finally got a solid theme, a lesson, my credo.

     Since my credo is shorter, it is easier to remember it means more to me. If my credo was really long it wouldn’t mean as much to me. It makes me want to share my credo with others to help them feel better about themselves. Not only am I hoping that it motivates people but I hope it motivates me everyday. So far, it has helped me have good morals like my parents always taught me, don’t be someone you’re not. By living my life of not being intimidated to express who I was, I was carrying what my parents always taught with me.

     Throughout my life, I always wanted to make my parents happy. Based on that, I don’t think my credo will change, unless I encounter a situation that makes me really intimidated to express me. The evolution of my credo could involve me finding myself and applying it to my life. By finding myself people could put me down about who I am, but I will always try my best to push off the criticism. I compare my future somewhat to play dough. Anything or anyone can easily mold it into anything possible. One way you can mold it yourself would be by your actions and your morals.

     Intimidation has always molded my life. That is why my credo is so significant to me. It helps me push that intimidation to the side. In the future, people may want to follow my credo and I would be honored for them to use it. If people use my credo my only hope would be for it to benefit them, because I know kids and even adults are intimidated to express who they are. Don’t be intimidated, be motivated.

By Addie Lavender

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