Joel Becker

I'm an MDiv senior at Luther Seminary seeking ordination in the ELCA somewhere in northeast Iowa. I see how the Holy Spirit works in this world like flames and smoke weave and move from a campfire on the beach or in the colors of a Canadian sunset. God moves in many ways and it's humbling to be called into God's ministry in this world.

I worked in journalism for more than a decade, and I love photography. But, being called into ministry has changed my "focus." Though I have merged photography and ministry by creating posters that combine images I've captured with scripture.

My family remains a huge part of who I am, and as I wind down my final semester, I need to work to maintain a healthy balance between ministry and my family. My wife, Joy, and I have been married for 17 years. Isaac, 9, is in fifth grade; Daniel, 6, is a first grader; and Rachel, 2, is the belle of the ball.

Along this journey, there have been several milestones that include accepting this call. So I began working with youth at a former congregation. The more I got involved, the more experiences -- including attending seminary -- came about. A trip to Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation in Rocky Boy, Montana, was one of my more shaping seminary experiences. And just last Sunday I completed internship and during last year's "God's Work. Our Hands." event, I was literally given my own cross to bear.

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